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Wide range of applications, energy saving

ApplicationsLED tubes are widely used in office buildings, stores, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, hotel, car parks, factory floor, municipal engineering, home or decorative lighting areas to retrofit the traditional fluorescent tube LED tube is energy saving, non toxic and fully recyclable replacement of the fluorescent tube light. It is not necessary to invest in a completely new infrastructure; you can start saving money and the environment NOW!
We are making this product available on the European- and Latin American market.

Advantages of LED tube:
· Does not contain toxic components (Lead, mercury, phosphor)
· Is fully recyclable
· No ballast and starter required
· Low power consumption, a minimum of 60% less energy
· Operation is far more durable
· Higher light production
· Cool touch, comparatively lesser heater build-up
· Maintenance free and no ballast and starter cost
· Fits traditional fittings
· Repairable
· Produces a constant light
· Instantly lights in microseconds
· Operates well at average temperatures -10~45degrees Celsius

√ Advanced constant current driver.
√ Professional thermal management.
√ Instant on, no warm up time required.
√ No noise, no flickering.
√ No UV or IR radiation in the beam, mercury free.
√ Anti-shock, anti-moisture.
√ Long lifespan, higher than 30,000H.
√ CE, RoHS certified.


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