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T8/T10 LED Tube-SMD3528/5050

Anen T8 LED Tube light is supplied with DIP and SMD type which has super long lifetime over 50,000 hours. It is a great choice for replacement of traditional fluorescent ligiht, at least 56% energy savings. Anern 18W/20W LED tube light could be 40W florescent light replacement.


(1)     Outstanding energy saving at least 56%

(2)      Long lifespan over 50,000hours

(3)     ) Eco-Friendly, no mercury and no lead

(4)     No ultraviolet radiation

(5)     NO RF and it will not interfere remote controller

(6)     No Noise: Since there is no starter and ballast in the LED tube light, there is no noise when it starts and operates

(7)     Easy Installation: Before installation, power off the conventional fluorescent tubes, then remove the starter and ballast, at last replace the conventional fluorescent with LED Tube.


T8/T10 LED Tube-SMD3528 Series

T8/T10 LED Tube-SMD5050 Series

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