August 24, 2016


alternative patio cover optionsAs we’ve covered in recent posts, having a patio can drastically change your quality of life at your home and even generate more revenue for your place of business. The downfall of having a permanent patio cover is that they are pricey to have installed and can be expensive to repair after it’s been around for a while, so what are your other options? There are plenty of alternatives to having a permanent patio cover fixture, some being much better than others. Here at we wanted to make sure that you know all of your options before investing in something permanent. On the left you’ll see a bamboo style patio cover which is a great alternative to a permanent structure. We won’t go in depth into the bamboo option but this picture was put here to illustrate to you the thousands of options you have when it comes to patio covers.

The first and best alternative in our opinion┬áis to invest in what’s called a “sail away”. A sail away is basically a hammock that is large enough to cover your patio or any other outdoor area that you’re looking to provide shade for. A sail away is very inexpensive (think hammock materials) because the cloth, rope, and hanging fixtures you’ll need can be picked up for very cheap at your local Home Depot. The negatives of having a saild away are if you live in a place that gets bad weather, the wind can knock these things out of place and damage the materials. If you live in an area that gets rain, wind, or snow, we recommend going with a more sturdy and permanent structure. However, if you live in a place like California, a sail away can be a great alternative to having a patio cover installed.

The next best alternative to having a patio cover installed is to get what’s called a “floating screen”. The name says it all with this one as you would have a screen like material installed over your patio which can be held up in numerous ways. The great thing about this option is you have so many different ways to install it that you can pretty much make this alternative work within any budget. Once again the downfalls are the floating screens are rather fragile so if you live in a place with harsh wind conditions you might have to repair your floating screen quite often.

Just like the floating screen and sail away, the “string along” patio cover approach is also a fragile one, but is very price comparative and sometimes even cheaper to the previous alternatives. The string along is basically a curtain that you’re installing over the area you want shaded. You literally tie string from one fixture to another and drape a curtain like material over the string which in turn provides you that shade you’re looking for. Also, much like a curtain, you can install a pulley like system to where the material can either be unfolded or retracted at the simple pull of a string. The theme with ALL of these cheaper methods comes down to durability and being able to handle harsh weather. If you’re old enough to remember what it was like hanging your clothes on a clothes line, you know how much those can be affected by wind.

We know that nothing compares to having a permanent patio structure installed onto your home or place of business. However, we also know that we get readers from all over the country and the world that have different budgets so we wanted to provide some great alternative options to permanent patio cover structures. We hope this has been helpful, if there’s any questions you have to alternative patio covers please contact us here.…