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Hello California residents! Welcome to our new blog about patio covers. We will cover topics from patio cover construction, repairs, and simple tweaks that can transform the look of your patio cover. Sometimes we take patio covers for granted but in reality, they can add A LOT of value to your home! They were recently ranked one of the most prominent features of a home that dictates the price more than the bathrooms and kitchen combined! A nice looking patio cover can completely transform the look and feel of your homes outside yard and decor. It’s quite an investment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially considering all of the decisions you need to make along the way! Please don’t settle for a contractor that doesn’t ask you a lot of questions and completely work with you throughout the entire project. Your contractor should be extremely helpful and give you tons of different options to choose from. These are just some extremely basic tips from your patio cover experts… stay tuned for a lot more!

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