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Anern Energy
              A Bright Choice

Anern is engaged in design, development, production and sales of high-performance solar energy products. The solar panels are designed with a service life of at least 25 years, with power guarantee of 95% within 10 years and 80% within 25 years.

for Bright Future
Solar Power Supply System for home use.
• Solar Lighting System for street and garden.
You can
save up to 65% of the initial cost
gain energy independence
see a payback period in as little as 6 years 
nearly eliminate your electric bill
• help the environment

   Production Techniques

Four major commercial wafer manufacturing techniques:
>Mono-crystalline Wafers
>Multi-crystalline Cells
>Polycrystalline String Ribbon
>Amorphous Cells
Three major steps in making cells from wafers:
>Doping – create a built-in electric field via gas diffusion, heat diffusion, or spray diffusion of phosphorus
>Anti-reflective coating

   Anern Honors & Certificates

  1.  CE, Rosh, IEC, TUV certificated quality
  2.  Standards Maker of National and Provincial Standards
  3.  General Technical Specifications for Solar Lighting System
  4.  Standard No.: 20079261-T-607
  5.  Drafting Member of Solar Street Light Standards in Guangdong Province
  6. 100% Lighting Rate (solar street light) in 365 days of  whole year
  7.   27 government solar street lighting projects home and abroad


September, 2009
Guangzhou, China
Han Tianen, Jimmy Su
Mr.Han, consular officer of England, had a meeting on The international energy summit. With Anern’s mission, we hope to do as much as we can, to benefit the mankind and globe.


July, 2010


Anern Office, Guangzhou



Dr. Steier, Andy Cao


Dr. Steier, President from Hungary Energy Association:” It is hoped that solar energy will find application wherever it becomes available”

Processing Tour

(1)         Cell Processing:

(2)        Panel Processing:

We provide CE, Rosh, IEC, TUV certificated quality solar panels, as well as individual solutions of power supply systems as per your actual requirements and environments, enjoy the "low-carbon" life from today, please contact Anern’s consultants at (0086)20-89269669 or email: sales@anern.cn.


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