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Enterprise Culture
Mission of Anern
Respect the Nature, Save Energy, Reduce Pollution;
Create Value for Clients, Create Chance for Employees, Create Benefits for Society, Create Wealth for Stockholders.

Anern’s Vision
Strive to be the leading corporation of Chinese new energy field;
Make devotion to economic sustainable development by providing clean energy, return the globe green.

Anern’s Spirit
Openness: Ready to absorb advantages from others, brave to attempt
Harmony: Work together and take responsibility together
Pragmatism: Pursue efficiency, abandon superficial
Innovation: Develop science and technology constantly 
Concept of Development
To develop in a harmonious, scientific, effective and comprehensive way

Employees’ Action Guideline
Commitment: Dedication to work, willing to take responsibility
Progress: Never stop pursuing better, never be self-satisfied
Cooperation: Obey cooperate policy and good at collaboration
Study: Be moderate and curious, learn to meet practical needs

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